Es wurden keine Produkte gefunden, die Ihrer Auswahl entsprechen.

Return process

Dear customer,

Unfortunately, it can happen that a product is defective or an error happens in the delivery.  We would like to apologize us for any inconvenience and promise you to undertake everything within our means to you, to process your requests as quickly as possible.

(1) In any case, it makes sense if you advance us by E-mail ( or also via phone contact (02378 / 866651). Many ambiguities can be clarified so in advance!

(2) Should the article not be really defective or a wrong delivery exist, then we have a big request to you: send us the goods please postage and not UNFREE back. We help you to find the correct rate. If your return is authorized, we will refund you the shipping costs in any case.

(3) Please attach to your return the following documents:  

If possible a copy of the Invoice or at least a piece of paper with your customer number and invoice number.
If necessary, a short description of the fault or a reason for return.


Please use the following address:

Ardeyerstr. 100
D-58730 Fröndenberg